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Purpose Limitations Disclaimer

The purpose of this website is to try to expand the previous organization, documentation, and knowledge of toy and novelty rings. I mention the two ring categories because a category of toy rings would not necessarily include all the rings in past guides. The Guinness World record agency has defined toy ring as a designed and designated for children of metal, lesser substances or plastic. It may be of gold or silver but at a low cost. Some examples of rings found in catalogues, sports memorabilia, or more recent Star Wars, Star Trek etc. would not fit into this definition. The novelty ring concept will open this data base to rings not created for children alone. In the previous price guides, there are rings that would be more attuned to an older group. It would be unlikely that rings from a Johnson & Smith, N Shure, King or other novelty catalogues or some sports related rings would all be for children. Still, they appear in the previous guides. It is clear they are collectible but would be best placed in a format with toy and novelty rings.

When reviewing previous price guides, you get the sense of a very finite number of toy and novelty rings which are collectible targets. There are many more toy and novelty rings as well as non-character plastic rings and large amounts of international rings. Given this fact it is  beyond the scope of this website to identify the entirety of the collectible market. The material will be limited to create a basic website but still expands previous information significantly.  Due to the huge volume of data all information is tailored to a format that permits a review of toy ring topics and characters on a lesser level. This requires that data on ring manufacturers, crossovers, controversies and nuances will be lessened to achieve this end.

This is not a price guide and there is no direct involvement in ring sales or ring costs. Likewise grading of rings falls out of the purview of this website. To access that, material, please review the guide section of this website where the named sources can be found. Entities for ring sales are found in ring Store section

Beyond Definitions: Navigating the World of Toy and Novelty Rings

Even with the best of efforts, not all rings will have documentation. A prime example are international rings where disclosure of manufacturer or detailed information frequently does not take place. In some cases, the country of origin will be delineated as the manufacturer. The problem is that the country the ring came from may have imported the ring from another country. Most of the time it’s clear by the ring style where the ring originated. When unclear the country of origin will not be ascribed as the manufacturer. At times the distributor will be identified with or without the manufacturer. When a series of rings are presented, the manufacturer distributor or authorizing agency will not be repeated for every ring. If the series of rings is lengthy the manufacturer and distributor will be repeated at intervals. You may assume the intervening rings are of the same ilk.

Sometimes there will be multiple distributors.

Under the best of circumstances, the manufacturer and country will both be identified. The reader should be aware of the difficulty to provide accurate information as to the manufacturer. Larger companies will sell or meld or leave a different ring producer and the actual maker becomes unclear. This is complicated by the fact larger manufacturers will distribute rings from other entities and not clearly delineate the use of these items. Equally vexing is the issue of licensing. Without clear information I cannot state if a ring is unlicensed or a fantasy ring. If the majority or all the rings in a folder are fantasy, it will be noted on the folder, as opposed to placing the name on each item in the folder.  I have attempted to provide this information where it is possible. Unfortunately, sometimes there are no exemplars to demonstrate the ring in question. In this circumstance the artist rendering of the ring is used for the exemplar picture. As a result, some of the images will not be ideal and I ask for your understanding with the suboptimal images. The format of the vault allows review of any item. Should the reader have any questions, concerns or information, please forward it via the email link. This is not meant as the final authority but hopefully a starting point for further expansion on all things toy ring related. If there is additional information regarding existing rings or concerns about the data, please use the contact portal. As mentioned before significant data will be posted for a period of time on the Bulletin Board Thank you.